Watch Sabotage Online Streaming

Watch Sabotage Online Streaming

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Released on 2014-03-28
MPAA Rating is R
Genre is
Runtime 81 minutes.
Movie Casts : Sylvia Sidney as Sylvia Verloc, Oscar Homolka as Karl Verloc, Desmond Tester as Sylvia’s Brother Steve
Plot :
Synopsis : John ‘Breacher’ Wharton (Schwarzenegger) is the cigar-chomping leader of the task force who are as liberal with cuss words as they are with tossing down beers and busting bad guys. James ‘Monster’ Murray (Worthington) is somewhat like a second in command with more of a conscience than the others in the team. The rest of the team comprises Joe ‘Grinder’ Phillips (Manganiello), Eddie ‘Neck’ Jordan (Holloway), Jackson (Perrineau), crack-addicted loose cannon Lizzy (Enos) and Tom ‘Pyro’ Roberts (Martini).

Just as they’re making off with a share of the loot after the raid, they realize that the rest of the cash is mysteriously missing. This immediately makes them a target of revenge for the cartel as well as the DEA boss, who thinks that Breacher and his team have gone rogue.

It doesn’t take long before the first of the team gets knocked off in graphically gory fashion – one is mangled by a freight train after an evening of drunken revelry. Another is disemboweled and nailed to the ceiling with his entrails hanging out. Anyone could be next. FBI agent Caroline (Williams) gets on the case and tries to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

While the screenplay tries to steer towards intrigue (is there a rat in the team?) and suspense, it sometimes veers towards schlock. Ayer sure doesn’t hold back when it comes to mixing blood and gore with the crudeness of the task force. They’re never too far away from trouble after the drinks have gotten too much.

And while you will get to see Schwarzenegger blow up bad guys aplenty in glorious detail, we also learn that he has a backstory, which has repercussions in the present day. Schwarzenegger fans will enjoy this action fest, as this is undoubtedly his vehicle all the way.

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